20 March 2006

if only

not that easy, hun


there is one simple way of doing that babe...


geez boy!!

geez! how am i meant to feel sorry for myself if you keep saying things like that!

fine then...

hmm... so... whaddaya wanna kno?

i love wendy soooooooooo.... much.

i wish i was there to help her have a bit more confidence...

she's so amazing!

brand new

brand new... lol yes. that's me. brand new.
um lets see!! nate's meant to post on this too, silly boy
grrrrrrrrrr i would complain but i wont.
life is pretty dull atm, nothing to write about. school is getting worse and worse, but that'll be right once i pull my thumb out (is the the right saying?) and start working
my "netball coach" just rang. this is the woman who has only just rung me after about 4 weeks of practises to not only tell me when the practises are, but to tell me which team im in. she really doesnt like me, which is the only reason i dont like her.
i wish i had some courage! i'm sick of always being too scared to do things.
we went off on a bio field trip to dunedin last week, wasnt too bad. saw cameron!! which was nice :)
no idea what else to write about!

01 February 2006

had a great day today!! very stressful getting off to chch, but it got done :)
decided last week i'd love to go on afs so im gonna try sort that.
nick went back to school today, so there's yet another person i miss!! just no good at all.
was txting nicole today, she's not coming back to school and even worse, brad got rid of his mini!!!
was also txting samantha who misses both me and nick which is cruel cuz we both miss her, too. i wanna go back to summer wine!!!

28 December 2005


Snow Originally uploaded by kiwinewt.

Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! It'll make him crazy!

25 December 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all from Guiseley, Leeds, Yorkshire, Britain, United Kingdom, Earth...

9:10 in the a.m

Nate out

23 December 2005


PLEASE SIGN: THE UNIVERSAL FLICKR CARD: Charlie Brown Christmas Originally uploaded by hopenharmony.

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Mount Rainier Train - Full Crop

Mount Rainier Train - Full Crop Originally uploaded by moliere1331.

Its photo-blog day!!

I want that one!!

his nose is running too

his nose is running too Originally uploaded by Lex in the City.

Its photo-blog day!!

I'm stuck in a non-white xmas... and im in the right hemisphere for it too!!!


Circle 8

Circle 8 Originally uploaded by Soeradjoen.

Its photo-blog day!!

22 December 2005


Red Originally uploaded by simplygeeky.

21 December 2005

me again

this is just so you dont get completely blasted by nate (who, btw, is my ex, who im still friends with :-) ) heehe that looks like he;s got a double chin.
anywho about ME! i worked today, and now im off to watch coro st

This diary will change your life (2006)

I am the proud owner of a brand new 'This Diary Will Change Your Life (2006)'...

Well... really I've had it for a couple of weeks now. I have to say, though, some of the things in it wouldnt just change my life, they would lose me friends and alienate people... lol.

my xmas wish list:

flickr membership - username: kiwinewt