09 October 2005

Right. this time

hey all. this is really the first post. i just created this last night coz Nate was moaning at me saying that i never updated my old one (which is coz i forgot my username :$)
so. hi. im wendy :)
nothing really has been happening... term 4 starts....... OOOOOOOO TEXT MESSAGE!!!........ again tomorrow. ive finished my eng proj but not the accounting one...
i miss my nick... im not seeing him again til saturday... and then not again til summer holidays (exam leave is only 4 weeks away!) exams are getting creepily close...
i dont really have much more to rant about, nothing that i want to be common knowledge, anyway... comment, ppl!! :)


Blogger kiwinewt said...

and you said you rarely saw me!!!

9/10/05 21:23  

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