20 March 2006

brand new

brand new... lol yes. that's me. brand new.
um lets see!! nate's meant to post on this too, silly boy
grrrrrrrrrr i would complain but i wont.
life is pretty dull atm, nothing to write about. school is getting worse and worse, but that'll be right once i pull my thumb out (is the the right saying?) and start working
my "netball coach" just rang. this is the woman who has only just rung me after about 4 weeks of practises to not only tell me when the practises are, but to tell me which team im in. she really doesnt like me, which is the only reason i dont like her.
i wish i had some courage! i'm sick of always being too scared to do things.
we went off on a bio field trip to dunedin last week, wasnt too bad. saw cameron!! which was nice :)
no idea what else to write about!


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